By the end of the program, each youth will have:
  • Identified the limiting beliefs that attracted the negative experiences which currently characterize their lives.

  • Released many of these beliefs and are committed to continuing the process.

  • Learned techniques and acquired tools which enable them to engage in deep, full, and fearless communication.

  • Discovered their true passion and purpose for being on this earth and be on a path to incorporate this passion into their lives and everything they do.

  • Be on purpose, recognize when they are not, and have the tools to correct their course.

  • Created healthy, loving relationships with their families, friends, colleagues, teachers, and their communities.

  • Identified and become aware of their addictive patterns, immersed in the process to release these and are committed to continue that process.

  • The opportunity to continue with Youth on Purpose as a peer counselor.

  • Gained a group of peers, parents, counselors, and community members that will be present for their support for the rest of their lives.