• "A New Program Offers Youth a Chance"
    Vancouver Sun, July 21, 2000, Canada (PDF File/474 kb)

  • "Justin Mallard's Excellent Summer Vacation"
    Langley Times, Semptember 24, 2000, Canada (PDF File/431 kb)

  • "Cleansing on Purpose"
    Langley Advance News, Canada

    "American Therapist on Documentary on TV"
    Uppsala Nya Tidning, January 2, 2001, Sweden
    (PDF File/376 kb)

  • "8 out of 10 Youths Got on Track with their Lives"
    Aftonbladet, January 8, 2001, Sweden

    "She Lifts the Spirits of the Youth in Malmo"
    Kvallsposten, January 7, 2001, Sweden
    (PDF File/309 kb)

  • "Youth on Purpose"
    Langley Times, June 11, 2000, Canada (PDF File/317 kb)