Our purpose is to facilitate and bring clarity to, the process of ending separation. In so doing, we remember our innocence and our Source while recognizing it in others.

We live and demonstrate our commitment to this process to each other, to youth, parents, peers, and to our community at large.

The process consists of deep, full, and clear communication, extending and receiving Love, releasing blocks to self-expression, and the clearing of limiting beliefs.

We create living communities where the end of separation is experienced and demonstrated.

Many influences affect our children today, from violence as entertainment in the media, to peer pressure, even the erosion of the family unit as a safe and loving environment for growth. We cannot control these influences, but we can provide young adults with the tools to make healthy, powerful choices; choices that reflect their true purpose in life.

For those of us with children of our own, we will also learn to communicate openly, not just with our children, but with our partner and in our business environment. Particular attention is given to re-creating the connection and communication within the family unit and the elimination of the generation gap through the involvement of “elder mentoring”.

This program may very well be the most important project in our community today.

What greater gift can we give our children than to inspire, encourage and support them in discovering their unique gifts and purpose and the sheer joy, passion, and freedom to pursue them?